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R.C.C.I Public School & College,Rangpur


HDSL Education Management System is a comprehensive web-based School or College Management Software. It is designed for better interaction between students, teachers, parents & management. This management software very gracefully handles all the requirements for easy school or college management.

The software being web based can be accessed from anywhere in the world, which enables the students, teachers, parents & the management be in touch with each other at all times. Emphasis has been given on easy-to-use interfaces.

Today's school or college needs to mange more information than ever before. Without a solid internal infrastructure for teachers, administrators and departments to share data, critical school and student information can be lost, or worse - communicated incorrectly - leading to a host of problems that can affect your school's image and endurance. To remain competitive, school needs a simple solution that can run individual functions, connect their entire operation, use the web as a key communication tool and simplify day-to-day operation responsibilities, giving staff more time with students.

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